24 Celebrity Gold Diggers That Struck It Rich


For too many people the thought of becoming rich and never having to work again sounds like an absolute dream: so much so that they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. While some dream of becoming rich by earning it through long hours and hard work at the office or by inventing some kind of highly sought after super-product, there are those who would just as happily accept a handout; perhaps the lowest of the low, however, are those who made their money at the expense of a wealthy spouse, especially after a particularly nasty divorce.

As an age old tradition, gold digging is a means of becoming rich by earning the love (or lust?) of someone wealthy (usually though good looks or manipulation), and then sticking with the marriage just large enough to take it to the bank; after the romance is officiated, the gold digger (who usually never loved their wealthy spouse to begin with) often vanishes: taking at least half of their partner’s amassed fortune. While gold digging isn’t an honorable method of becoming rich, it has continued to work time and time again, and as a result has created an immense paranoia amongst the wealthy.

But which celebrity gold diggers have been the most successful in terms of gaining both fame and fortune? Here are the top 24 biggest celebrity gold diggers that kept their mind on the money and the money on their mind.