20 Iconic 80’s Toys Worth A Gold Mine Today


You can never trust kids with anything: not even toys! You just never know when that toy you just bought your kid will become worth its weight in gold someday, and they’ll inevitably get it dirty, sticky, and generally end up ruining any potential future value it could have for when they sell it on eBay in 2034 to grown men in their underwear: desperate to re-live the glorious days of their youth.

If you spend a majority of your life watching movies like I do, then you must have seen Toy Story 2, where a crazy guy in a chicken suit tries to make big money off of the sale of a toy cowboy. If spending big time on the big screen isn’t really your thing then you must have come across numerous eBay listings for toys that were originally worth $30 or less, but are now being sold for thousands. Regardless of how you found out, the fact is that toys are going for crazy amounts of cash, and everyone is searching for the coolest collectibles.

You’d expect people to fight over the important stuff in life, like food, water, or the internet, but that’s not happening; they’re fighting over who gets to place the highest bid on a mint condition action figure of He-Man: that’s humanity, folks! Life is apparently a loop: we all fought with each other over toys as kids, then we took a short break to be teenagers and semi-respectable young adults, and then we enter some sort of life crisis and go back to fighting over toys again, but this time we’re fighting other adults and using our wallets: this isn’t really the circle of life that Elton John was talking about. But what 80s are worth the most these days? Here are the top 10 toys from the 80s that will make you a Richie Rich.