10 Most Evil Villains In History That Lived Like Kings


#10 – H. H. Holmes (Net Worth: $5 Million)

H.-H.-Holmes-ImageH.H. Holmes is the only villain on this list that was not a dictator. Serial killing is an act that is thousands of years old, but Holmes was the first person to be documented in committing the crime. Holmes had a rough upbringing as his father was abusive. He grew up into a hardworking man who earned a lot of money. Holmes owned several stores, as well as a hotel where most of his victims met their fate.

Holmes was perceived as an upper echelon type, since he was a millionaire living a lavish lifestyle. What people didn’t know was that behind the scenes, Holmes was a psychotic murderer who eventually confessed to 27 killings. Of course, 27 is a low estimate as many people believe that Holmes was responsible for anywhere up to 200 murders.