10 Most Evil Villains In History That Lived Like Kings


#8 – Adolf Hitler (Net Worth: $800 Million)

Adolf-Hitler-ImageJust to reiterate, this list is in no particular order of evil. Adolf Hitler is widely considered to be the most evil person to have ever lived. Hitler was the ruler of Germany from 1934 to April of 1945. He supposedly committed suicide when Allied Soldiers were closing in on his bunker during World War II. Millions died under Hitler’s masterminded plan known as the Third Reich. The German government’s hateful policies at the time have made Hitler one of the most hated people in history.

Before he became the ruler of Germany, Hitler wrote a book called “Mein Kampf”. It earned him a lot of notoriety and money, which allowed him to buy mansions and luxury cars. The money kept pouring in when the book became required reading material for the German people. Hitler also had a big art collection, but the pieces were taken back during World War II.