8 Awesome Luxuries Obama Gets As President


As children, how many of us wanted to grow up to become the President of the United States? Did you pretend that you lived in the White House and declare all girls banned from the mansion? Or that the tire swing at the playground was the mighty Air Force Once, and your friends were members of the Secret Service?

While being the President is not a job that many of us qualify for, the position has been touted as the most important in the Western Hemisphere. In January 2009, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States and he will hold this position until his term ends in January 2017.

After a president serves one term, it’s almost guaranteed that they will run for a second term because of the power that comes with being the President of the United States. However, the power is far from the only perk. It’s no secret that politicians lead glamorous lives, but when it comes to the President, they get first choice at some of the finest things in life. What does Obama get that’s so special and why are people up in arms about it? Presidential luxuries do not come cheap, and people have a lot to say about useless spending of taxpayer dollars. This is especially true when Obama can more than afford to pay for his indulgences out of his own pocket with his massive net worth. Are you curious about the President’s lavish perks? We found eight of the most extravagant luxuries that Obama gets to enjoy while working in the Oval Office. Let’s start our list with the famous airplane that is a far cry from the imaginary one from our youth.