#9 – AllerMates, Iris Shamus ($2.5 Million)


AllerMates-Iris-ShamusIt seems that kids today are allergic to everything, and as a result, parents will do anything to keep their kids away from harm. That’s why Iris Shamus came up with the idea for a kids’ bracelet that would show off their allergies in a quirky fun way with cartoons. If a kid wears an AllerMates bracelet with a cute little peanut emblem on it, it tells everyone that they cannot have peanuts.

This is the same concept as those bands that say “Do not resuscitate” or that mark various illnesses in case the person wearing it has to go to a hospital. Since there wasn’t a kid-friendly version, Shamus broke the bank with this invention. Even the popular child’s band, The Wiggles, endorsed the product to help move it off the shelves even faster.