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Suggested Post – 10 Outrageously Overpriced Everyday Items

Everyday items are those affordable little bits and pieces that we get at the store because they’re something we need or are just handy. If we have the cash for them, good. But if we don’t have money for them? Eh, we’ll get them when the next paycheck arrives. Then again, that’s the life of plebeians like us. For rich people? It’s a whole different story. Sure, they can buy anything without looking at the tag price, but they’re not really about that. They’re about all the sparkles, shiny things, and price tags worth more than your annual pay. Hey, rich people have “mindless spending” wired into their systems.

We can cry all about it, but that’s how the ball rolls. Let the rich part ways with their money, while manufacturers of these products laugh their way to the bank. Fret not! Just take a normal thing like a spatula or some latex gloves and cover it with diamonds, sapphires, the golden hair of a little girl, maybe a pair of your grandma’s dentures (hey, fake teeth are expensive!) Find a rich person who’s easy to convince— then SELL, SELL, SELL!

Don’t have access to grandma’s dentures? Well, you tried, buddy! You tried your freaking best and now you’re crying because that rich old couple’s dog owns a dog house that’s bigger than your whole apartment! Now that I’ve tried to console you, let’s check out the expensive versions of things that should cost no more than a few dollars.

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