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#2 – Johnny Manziel

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Johnny-ManzielIf there was a trophy for the most mocked and most hated player in the NFL today, Johnny Manziel would certainly be a major contender for the title; he is known for his temper, low drive, inflated ego, and lackluster performances on the field. Manziel attended Texas A&M where his talent as a quarterback earned him the Heisman Trophy. Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014 as the 22nd pick overall, but his professional career has so far been less than ideal (he’s only going into his second season with the Browns, so there is still a little hope).

Even if Manziel’s career playing pro ball sizzles out in, he still has his family’s money and business to fall back on; Johnny’s parents, Paul and Michelle, are the beneficiaries of an oil business worth $50 million in cold hard cash. The fact that his family is rich has made Johnny Manziel a bit lazy and hated, and it doesn’t help his popularity any that he does the money sign motion with his fingers any time he does anything remotely noteworthy on the field. Manziel needs to touch down on earth before he finds himself alienated by the whole industry.

#3 – Grant Hill

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Grant-Hill42 year old Grant Hill has had a solid career playing basketball, and it could have been even more legendary if he hadn’t been hurt so severely during his prime years. Hill was delivering standout performances at the prestigious Duke University, and was then drafted third overall by the Detroit Pistons in 1994; Hill made the All-Star team a total of seven times and played for four teams before hanging it up after the 2013 season.

Not many people know that HIll’s father was a legend in his own right, mainly because they are known for playing completely different sports; Calvin Hill is Grant’s father, and had a 12-year long career in the NFL playing with the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns. Calvin was a fantastic player, and even went on to win the Super Bowl VI, and four Pro Bowl games: just because he is over the hill now doesn’t mean he wasn’t the man before!

#4 – Cordell Broadus

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Cordell-BroadusWhile you might not be familiar with the name Cordell Broadus quite yet, you will certainly hear about him coming up in the next few autumn months; Broadus is a speedy wide receiver who played high school football in Las Vegas at Bishop Gorman High School, a school which turns out so many NFL starts that it’s known as a “football factory.” Broadus’s choice of where to play college ball was a big story in the sports world, and he ended up picking UCLA as the next stepping stone for his career.

Broadus’s college decision was a big topic on account of him being the son of rap legend, Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Broadus, Jr.). Snoop Dogg has been dropping it like it’s hot since as early as 1992, years before his son was born, so while Cordell was busy graduating high school, his father already had a net worth of over $130 million to help prepare him for success: he officially had the most relaxed and stress free environment of all time when he was growing up

#5 – Tim Hardaway, Jr.

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Tim-Hardaway-JrTim Hardaway, Jr. got to spend his high school days playing basketball in Miami, Florida, which is a pretty nice way to spend your teenage years if you ask me. Hardaway selected the University of Michigan to pursue his college basketball career, and in 2013 he helped the Wolverines place back into the Final Four, and ending a streak of subpar performances. Hardaway was selected 24th overall in the next NBA draft by the New York Knicks, where he was named to the All-Rookie team before finally being traded again to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Jerian Grant; Tim had to learn the hard way that a career in athletics can be particularly tough.

Hardaway, Jr. was born in 1992 while his father, Tim, Sr., was still playing in the NBA. Tim, Sr. was drafted in 1989 by the Golden State Warriors, and played up until 2003 when he retired. Senior was a five time NBA All-Star, and his most notable days came as a member of the Miami Heat, who retired his jersey number after he left. Junior might have inherited his basketball talent from his father, but he certainly didn’t inherit his father’s taste for good teams.

#6 – Mike Comrie

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Mike-ComrieThough he wasn’t the biggest name in hockey during his time in the NHL, Mike Comrie had a long career playing with six different teams over a span of 13 years. Comrie is only 34 years old, and probably could have played longer, but after a third hip surgery in 2012 he decided there was nothing more hip than retirement. Comrie finished his professional run with 168 goals and 197 assists, giving him a total of 365 points over 589 games. He is currently in the middle of a divorce from pop star Hilary Duff, and the two have a child together.

Comrie’s father was the co-founder of a chain of home furnishing stores in Canada called “The Brick,” which is was believed to be worth an estimated $400 million, meaning Comrie wasn’t really in such a rush to step on the ice professionally; early in his career he took a lot of heat for acting like a spoiled brat, but straightened himself out over his the years before someone else did it for him.

#7 – Laila Ali

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Laila-AliIt’s hard to believe that the heavy handed Laila Ali has been retired from boxing for nearly eight years now. Ali is only 37 years old, and she dominated the super middleweight class of women’s boxing during the early 2000s; she finished her career with a perfect record of 24-0, with 21 of those victories being the result of a knockout. Since her retirement, Ali has been making her rounds on the television circuit, appearing on shows like “Dancing With the Stars,” and hosting popular shows such as “American Gladiators,” and “Everyday Health,” which is a bit ironic given that she never left her opponents in a healthy state.

You probably already guessed that a boxer with the last name “Ali” was the child of the boxing prodigy “Muhammad Ali,” and you’d be right! Muhammad Ali is the most famous name in boxing history, and he finished off his illustrious career with a record of 56-5, and a total of 37 knockouts. Muhammad Ali was already toward the end of his career when Laila was born, and since he was far and away the richest person in his sport at the time, she was granted an incredibly generous lifestyle, and decided to use that to punch people harder than their life already was: how noble.

#8 – Gerard Pique

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Gerard-PiqueAlthough American sports fans might not be too familiar with Gerard Pique, he is a big international name in soccer; Pique is a 28 year old center back from Barcelona, Spain, who is currently playing on the dominant FC Barcelona squad. Pique doesn’t get the chance to take a lot of shots on the field, but he has still been able to net 19 goals during his professional career, and is considered to be a staple of the Spanish national soccer team.

Pique makes enough of his own money now, but he never had to worry about making the mucho soccer bucks at an early age; his father is a lawyer, and his mother is the director of the most prestigious spinal injury hospital in all of Europe. Pique definitely doesn’t have the everyday working man appeal as some athletes do, but women seem to love him anyways: probably because he is handsome enough to be a Hollywood actor, and wealthy enough to be a Hollywood director. He has been dating the Colombian pop star Shakira for 5 years now, and the happy couple have two sons together. Yeah yeah, Gerard is pretty good at everything he touches, but how is he at writing articles?

#9 – Kobe Bryant

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Kobe-BryantAfter graduating from high school in Philadelphia, Kobe Bryant decided against going to college to play basketball, instead opting to shoot straight for a spot in the NBA; Bryant was selected 13th overall in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets, but was later traded the Los Angeles Lakers before he could see any time on the court (which is like trading Wonka’s golden ticket to someone else in exchange for some candy). Bryant has since become a 17-time All-Star, and has won five NBA Championships, which must really sting for the Charlotte Hornets, because they have never even qualified for a championship game.

Kobe’s career might finally be reaching its end due to a sex scandal and time, but there is no doubt he will go down as a legend considering he is the third highest scorer in all of NBA history.

Kobe’s father, Joe Bryant, was an NBA player as well, but he didn’t have anywhere near the success of his son. Despite never becoming a superstar athlete, Joe had a 17-year playing career, and his international play meant that Kobe spent a lot of time growing up in Italy around some prestigious trainers. Joe now acts as a basketball coach overseas, and I imagine his schedule is as full as his kid’s trophy rack.

#5 – Looney Tunes ($4.5 Billion)

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Looney-TunesYou can’t have a list of children’s shows without expecting the Looney Toons to show up somewhere on the list: these characters defined comedy since as early as 1930, and you can still find cartoon re-runs populating most cartoon channels. The Looney Toons have found themselves on every household item from coffee mugs to shag rugs, and have made some absolutely daffy profits in the meantime. The more titular characters from the Looney Toons series have also go on to feature in several big screen films like “Space Jam,” which drew in the acting talent from big names like Michael Jordan, and Bill Murray.

Even a moderate profit each year from Looney Toons would have made Warner Bros a substantial sum of money, but fortunately for WB the Looney Toons brand has consistently sold numerous items each year, and the characters have has consistent licensing deals with companies like “Coke” as well as with various theme parks (like Six Flags). All together the Looney Toons name has made a heart-stopping $4.5 billion in profits; with that kind of money you could have cardiac surgery whenever you need: eh, what’s up doc?