Normally when bosses do something nice for their employees, you’d expect a day off or a company picnic. One CEO broke the mold and gave his company a gift they’ll never forget. Rather than a simple outing, he purchased a vacation for his entire staff!

Li Jinyuan, the CEO of Tiens Group is worth an estimated $1.5 billion, was able to finance a trip for 6,400 of his employees. The trip entailed a flight from China to France for four days; taking them on a vacation unlike any other. Of course, only the finest would do for this trip, so Jinyuan booked nearly 5,000 rooms for his employees in nearly 80 of the finest hotels in Cannes and Monaco. Quality service for their quality service: Quid pro quo at its absolute.


The 57-year-old boss scheduled the magnanimous holiday weekend in celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the Tiens Group opening. The expensive venture included a trip to the world famous Louvre . No doubt the exquisite art paralleled their exquisite trip. The company outing celebrating a record-breaking 20 year anniversary wouldn’t be the complete without doing something big enough for the record books. With that in mind, they set a Guinness world record while on the beach by creating the largest ever human chain by spelling out the words, “Tiens’ dream is Nice in the Cote d’Azur.”

Nearly 150 buses shuttled the group of employees around and the entire bill was on Jinyuan: nearly $36 million. Although the Tiens Group is a Chinese company, they were able to help the struggling French economy as well by spending large. This trip set out to benefit the employees, but ended up benefitting an entire country! They were even so generous that the foreign affairs minister of France, Laurent Fabius, was there to greet them and thank Jinyuan personally for his $20 million spent on the country. This was truly a company trip to be envied and commended.


The bar has been set pretty high now for other bosses thanks to Jinyuan’s act of kindness and celebration. It will be hard to go on that camping retreat in the local mosquito-filled campsite now that you have seen what some bosses will do for their employees. Just remember for your future bosses; whatever they do, it’s the thought that counts. What will the 50th anniversary look like for the Tiens Group? Only time will tell, but we’re guessing that the application line is getting pretty full right now in anticipation.