What do you get when you mix two billionaires with way too much time on their hands, and the hot Bahamas sun? An epic very public slap-fight between them, of course! Two billionaire neighbors who can’t stand eachother are engaged in the grown up version of arguing over whose Father is stronger, having now launched a multi-national defamation lawsuit. The court case, which is only the latest entry in the epic feud between hedge fund manager Louis Bacon and Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard, is underway in New York. Preliminary hearings are being held there despite the alleged incidents all having occurred in the Bahamas.

A Back And Forth History Of Jerkdom

Among other accusations, Nygard maintains that Bacon has killed people, supports the KKK, routinely bribes island officials, and smuggles narcotics. Bacon, obviously upset that Nygard has taken the claims public on the island, has filed suit for defamation of character. The two fully grown, successful men have a history of going back and forth at each other, making outlandish claims and involving local and American authorities in their dispute.

For his part, Nygard has gone so far as to organize public protests where marchers held signs condemning Bacon’s alleged white nationalism and role in the KKK, a claim which hasn’t been substantiated in fact. Although this latest court case turns the tables, Nygard has previously sued Bacon successfully for libel, after the hedge fund manager produced an inflammatory video alleging that Nygard used Canadian sweatshop labor in order to create the stripes on the flannel he uses in his Canadian fashion, or something equally as ridiculous.

Fun In The Sun


Bacon and Nygard have been neighbors on the island for decades, and each man owns a beautiful home surrounded by lush tropical landscapes, exotic women, and gorgeous beachfront ocean views. Either one of them can have anything they desire at a moment’s notice, due to their vast personal wealth.

However, neither man appears capable of stepping back, taking a breath, and realizing that two billionaires who live in the Bahamas could be having a better time doing literally anything other than antagonizing each other. That is, of course, assuming that the two men are capable of getting joy out of something other than professionally and personally destroying a fellow billionaire, which does not appear to be true.

What’s Next?

As the court case proceeds, Bacon will make the case that he does not, in fact, routinely smuggle drugs and fugitive criminals, commit arson, and murder people, all charges which Nygard has publicly levelled at his neighbor — a man whom he probably has more in common with than he has differences, due to their shared wealth and privilege.

While it’s possible that the judge may throw the case out entirely because none of the actions have occurred on American soil, it’s just as likely that he will award monetary damages. Unfortunately for both men, any damages that Nygard is forced to pay will be only a tiny fraction of his truly massive wealth, and any settlement that Bacon receives will be just a drop in the bucket compared to his multi-billion dollar fortune, so it’s unlikely that either man will stop acting like a spoiled brat any time soon.