Dan Bilzerian is an American poker player, actor, and a (self-labeled) venture capitalist. While he has always been well off thanks to his father’s money, Bilzerian is currently worth about $150 million in his own ventures. Today he is most recognized for his gambling talents, and his eccentric-playboy lifestyle that most can only dream of.

Bilzerian is getting more and more attention thanks to his social presence – on Instagram especially. He has over 7.5 million followers, and he chronicles his playboy lifestyle in great detail – uploading pictures of private jets, luxury cars, and half-nude supermodels. Anyone that has even skimmed through his photo uploads can tell that Dan lives a crazy life. In fact, Bilzerian has had three heart attacks before the age of 33.


Although Dan lives his life in excess, it had not always been the case. In 1999 Bilzerian joined the Navy, and eventually went on to undergo SEAL training. After completing 2 hell weeks he was kicked out due to a disagreement with one of his administrators, so he had never graduated. Since his military career didn’t workout, Bilzerian got involved in other ventures – mainly poker and acting.

He is unarguably a very talented poker player, and he has won a number of tournaments since the start of his gambling career. His most notable game is the one where he won $10.8 million in a heads-up, no-limit hold’em at stakes of $5,000 – $10,000. After winning, Bilzerian took his new pile of cash and flew (on a private jet) to Mexico to celebrate. In addition to his poker playing, Dan has also done some work in film. He has appeared – as a stuntman – in films, “Olympus has Fallen”, “Other Woman”, “Lone Survivor”, and “Equalizer”.


Now that it’s established that Dan Bilzerian is doing well for himself, let’s take a look at how he actually spends his millions. For starters, Dan has an arguably unhealthy obsession with weapons – automatic guns specifically. His love for guns was developed early on in his life, when his father gave him an M16 rifle that he returned with from the Vietnam War. Ever since that day, Dan was hooked. Today, he claims that he owns over 100 different guns that he believes can be stylish accessories – if the state law permits it off course.

When not spending thousands and thousands of dollars on guns and rifles, Dan is likely to spend some on a new watch instead. For a person so preoccupied with his image, he seems to care very little about his clothing, but watches are apparently a different story. High quality timepieces are another passion of Bilzerian’s, and he claims that his cheapest watch costs 40,000 dollars.

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While, yes, Dan owns a few very expensive and extravagant articles of clothing, like a $40,000 Tom Ford suit, he spends most of his days dressed in simple combinations of black t-shirts and camo cargo pants. His choice of attire reflects through his philosophy; he believes that clothing has very little to do with achieving success with women.

To quote the poker playboy himself – “Just be confident, successful, funny, whatever it is, girls aren’t necessarily attracted like guys are. Guys are attracted based on looks 95% of the time. Girls are almost the opposite. Looks are a smaller factor. They’re more attracted to a confident guy, or a successful guy, or someone who makes them laugh, or makes them feel comfortable.” Regardless of how true this may or may not be, Bilzerian has no shortage of success with women, his Instagram followers can attest to that. Dan uploads (often times not work appropriate) photographs of him living his extravagant life with half naked models in his hot tub, or topless women styling his hair. I’d say it’s safe to assume that his advice has at least some merit to it.


While Bilzerian knows guns and women, he seems to completely lack common sense. His regard for safety and wellbeing is so low, that it’s no surprise he has already suffered three heart attacks. In fact, after one of the heart attacks, Bilzerian checked himself out of the hospital early, and claimed that he was going for a run (jokingly making a $1 million bet that he wasn’t going to die). Besides not caring much about his own health, Bilzerian (on a few occasions) has, in one way or another, caused harm to others.

It’s no secret that Bilzerian likes to party, and things sometimes get out of hand. One such instance, for example, is when Dan attempted to throw a pornstar off the roof of his house into his pool. The Hustler organized stunt has nearly killed them both. The naked actress panicked at the very last second and grabbed Dan’s t-shirt. The incident ended with the girl breaking her foot against the edge of the pool. She later said that she may sue Bilzerian for the damage, but was pretty calm about what happened on twitter. Her lawyer’s threat to Bilzerian drew a response that read, “Like your client, the facts of the claim won’t, quite, fly.”


The pool incident was only one of many questionable occurrences in Bilzerian’s life. Dan was also accused for kicking a woman in the face while out celebrating his birthday. While there is footage showing the alleged actions, Bilzerian has obviously denied all of the allegations, claiming that he was merely protecting another woman that he was with at the time. True or not, it makes you wonder how far Bilzerian is going to take his crazy parties, and at what point will the self-named “venture capitalist”-playboy realize that enough is enough.

While Bilzerian makes many undoubtingly questionable choices, many of us (even though we won’t admit it) would swap places with him in a second. In an interview with Bluff Europe Dan puts – “I feel that if you don’t have people hating on your lifestyle then you’re not doing it that well. There’s always going to be people envious — it’s just the way it is. An ugly girl is going to hate on a pretty girl and a poor guy is going to hate on a rich guy. That’s just the way of the world.” Whether you agree with Dan on this, or you don’t, it’s impossible not to have an opinion on this rich and pompous playboy.

That being said, Dan Bilzerian frankly just doesn’t care.