When the Boeing 747 aircraft was first introduced it was being sold   for $24 million, but these days it costs about $350 million to pick one up!   But owning a private Boeing 747 wasn’t enough for one billionaire, he had to up the ante. It’s unclear who was in charge of the remodeling of this aircraft to make it look like a mansion that touches the skies, but they did an incredible job with it. Check out these photos of the $400 million renovation to the jumbo jet that has everything.


With opulence and elegance the airplane more closely resembles a cruise ship. There are multiple bedrooms, a restaurant, and even VIP lounges; as if everybody on board wasn’t already a VIP.


The master bedroom comes with a king size bed equipped with only the finest sheets and comforter. If that wasn’t enough, there is a couch and a recliner in the bedroom for peak relaxation. The deco style carries a sense of high class and comfort suited for the “high” life of a luxury aircraft.


When you have that kind of money to spend on an airplane, there’s a good chance that you’re in big business. The board room of the jet features state-of-the-art electronics and has seats that would make you wish the flight would never end. The jet  comes with a buffet line for those important trans-continental luncheons, that way you don’t have to land the plane when someone get’s hungry. You won’t find any peanuts on this bad boy; it’s decked to the brim with the finest champagnes and desserts.


The waiting room comes equipped with large and comfortable chairs, and looks like the finest lobby of the grandest hotels. This jet originally could have seated 500 passengers, butwas gutted to only house about 30 people at one time. The craft went from all classes to first class only, as it was built for the first-class life.


If the regular boardroom seems a little too tedious,  the plane comes with a private office with two couches, a TV, and a removable desk.The privacy of a regular office just wasn’t enough for this billionaire, so they took their privacy to the solitude of the skies. Now if only they could get rid of all those birds!


Here is a look at one of the plane’s other bedrooms;  the style evokes a feeling of homeliness, instead of being crammed on a commercial flight like sardines.


The dining room shows what the luxurious life is really like, with an extremely long table big enough for a dozen guests. The centerpieces might not fare well during turbulence, but I’m sure that’s no consequence for the opportunity to dine in such luxury.


There are more than a dozen televisions spread throughout the plane, and they all come with satellite TV and cable instead of the awful in-flight movie you’re usually subjected to. You may never want to leave if your favorite show comes on mid-flight, but you probably didn’t want to leave anyway.


The 747 isn’t some tiny single engine Cessna, this gorgeous plane has an upstairs area with a lounge to relax in during those long international flights. The plane’s lounge shimmers like a diamond as you relax in complete serenity.


Staying in a fancy hotel is already a pretty amazing experience, but being able to live in one that soars through the air is about as amazing at it can get; I imagine it’s the closest you can get to sleeping on a cloud. The sleep you’d get here is probably the best sleep you could ever have on a flight, or anywhere else for that matter.


The parallels between an airplane and a cruise ship continue when you see that this plane has its own stateroom, you might even forget you’re in the sky altogether. It’s hard to imagine an airplane possibly getting any better than this, and flying in anything else now is going to be an experience as sour as those apples.