If you have ever wanted to live out your childhood dreams of finding treasure, like in the popular 1985 movie “The Goonies,” you can have your chance thanks to the mind of one eccentric millionaire in New Mexico. As an avid art collector with more than millions to his name, Forrest Fenn is a man of means with a thirst for adventure, and he would like to quench the thirst of others who share his passion. This is the chance of a lifetime to be involved in a real epic quest for treasure!

Fenn has stated that he wanted people to build connections, work together, and get out of the house and on the hunt in the search of a monumental treasure. How much is this hidden wonder worth you ask? Try a life-changing estimated $2 million. Although the exact location is still unknown by anyone but Fenn, clues have been given away by the man himself to help people find it. The 84-year-old hid the treasure in the Rocky Mountains and it’s said to contain some fine valuables that cost a fortune: a true “diamond in the rough” perhaps.


Some of the many valuable trinkets that are hidden inside of the treasure chest are eagle and double eagle coins, a plethora of gold nuggets, ancient figurines, gems, and plenty more captivating items of varying worth. Fenn revealed all of this during an interview by ABC. The treasure has been sitting, hidden from the world for more than 5 years!

When Fenn was diagnosed with terminal cancer 27 years ago he came up with this special idea. He wanted people to “live more” and find more joys in their life. Fenn then began to pen his memoir entitled, “The Thrill of the Chase.” Throughout the time it has been hidden, people have been very close. Fenn has even described people having come within just 60 yards, but close isn’t close enough. Perhaps with some more persistence people can close the distance between them and their dreams: their wallets and the treasure.


The clues started being revealed within his book, and more have been revealed in the recent years. The original clue was in the form of a poem that read, “As I have gone alone in there And with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where, And hint of riches new and old. Begin it where warm waters halt And take it in the canyon down, Not far, but too far to walk. Put in below the home of Brown.” A cryptic message that has no doubt piqued even more interest in the fabled treasure. Another more ambiguous clue is: “the fact that it is north of Santa Fe.” Quite a clue considering there are no measures of distance. “5,000 feet above sea level” is another revealed clue that is even more mysterious with the addition of the clue: “the treasure is wet.” Wet and 5,000 feet above sea level? The plot thickens. Maybe the final clue, “It is not in a structure or graveyard,” will eventually provide enough information for an intrepid hunter to track down the treasure.

Now that you have all the information, maybe you can track down the $2 million treasure yourself. Will you be able to decipher the mystery and endure the potential dangers of the hunt? Will Fenn hopefully see someone finding his treasure before he passes? Does the treasure even exist at all? There is only one way to find out: get out there and search, fellow adventurers of the world!