Inside Donald Trump’s Homes


#50 – Trump Tower

How many people can say they live in a skyscraper with their name on it? Donald Trump certainly has that privilege today after purchasing and demolishing the former Bonwit Teller flagship store in 1979 to create his Manhattan dream. Located in the heart of New York City at 725 Fifth Avenue and now the headquarters of the illustrious Trump Organization as well as his campaign and penthouse, construction on the 58-story Trump Tower began in 1979 and was opened to the public four years later on November 30, 1983 as one of the most recognizable skyscrapers in the Big Apple.

Featuring everything from office and retail spaces to penthouse condominiums, Trump Tower is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Manhattan and is known for its long list of famous residents such as Bruce Willis, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andrew Lloyd Webber. With each penthouse climbing in price the higher it sits, it’s no surprise that not even these high profile celebrity condos can top Donald and Melanie’s penthouse suite. Stretching across three levels of the 66th floor, we definitely understand why this is Trump’s favorite investment and home away from home.