Lady Gaga Net Worth


Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, but much better known by her stage name, Lady Gaga, is one of the most popular women in Hollywood. The entertainer first came to fame as a singer and songwriter, but since then she’s dabbled in acting, too. Although she’s been active since 2001, Gaga didn’t receive worldwide recognition until 2008, when she released her debut album, The Fame. Since the release of the record, the singer dominated the charts and attracted millions of fans. Her fruitful career in the entertainment industry accounts for much of her $275 million net worth.

Before Lady Gaga became one of the best-selling musicians of all time, she attended New York University, where she studied arts. During this time she lived with her parents in a cushy Manhattan home, where she led a relatively stress-free life.

When she was 19 years old, Gaga decided to drop out of school and pursue her music career instead. Her first couple of projects involved tracks for an audiobook, and although the gig wasn’t very prestigious, it was a necessary stepping stone for her career.

Over the next couple of years Gaga went on to form a band, and together they recorded and performed all over New York. Her popularity was steadily growing, and the young singer was quickly becoming a local sensation.

In 2007 she met RedOne – a songwriter and producer that wanted to collaborate with the up and coming Gaga. Around that same time, an Interscope Imprint – Cherrytree Records offered Gaga a record deal, and the rest is history.

A year after getting signed, Lady Gaga released her first studio album, which was very well received. Since the release of the album, her popularity spiked and each subsequent record seemed to do a little better than the last. Although she’s not as popular today as she once was, Lady Gaga sold 27 million albums, and more than 146 million singles throughout her career, which is no small feat by any stretch.

Her impressive numbers have also set a dozen Guinness World Records, earned her countless awards, and of course made her filthy rich.


Today the superstar lives in a stunning Malibu mansion. The singer reportedly dropped upwards of $23 million on the 10,000 square foot compound. Not only does the house have access to gorgeous mountain and ocean views, but the property itself spans over 6 acres of immaculately maintained land.

Although the home has “only” five bedrooms, the rest of the space is comprised of a gym, a home theater, a bowling alley, an 800-bottle wine cellar, and more. The property also boasts a large saltwater pool and jacuzzi.

Aside from the Malibu mansion, Gaga also owns her childhood home on the upper west side of New York City. Although she doesn’t spend much time there now, Gaga is holding on to it for sentimental reasons.

In her garage, you’ll find at least half a dozen uber expensive rides. She’s most often spotted in a shiny black Lincoln MKZ. As far as luxury sedans go, the MKZ is just about as good as it gets. She also owns a Chevrolet Suburban, Mercedes-Benz GL450, Porsche Panamera, Rolls Royce Corniche III, and a classy Audi R8.

While there’s no debate that the popstar lives in absolute luxury, she also does a fair bit for the less fortunate. She publicly supports nearly two dozen charities, including Alzheimer’s Association, American Foundation for AIDS Research, RedCross, Stand Up to Cancer, and many others.

In 2012, Lady Gaga also launched her own nonprofit dubbed the Born This Way Foundation, which sets out to inspire and support youth in order to create a new generation of kindness, acceptance, and empowerment. In the past, the singer also partnered with M.A.C to create a lipstick. With Gaga’s name on the brand, the new line of cosmetics was quite successful, and together with M.A.C, Gaga raised more than $202 million for HIV and AIDS research. `