Luxury Real Estate: Buyers 10 Favorite Things


If you’re buying a house, you’d be satisfied so long as you know that it doesn’t have a leaking roof and can withstand strong winds, or maybe even a small den where you can have poker nights with your buddies. But if you’re a celebrity with some money to burn, you’re not satisfied unless your new home has its own gym, a chef’s kitchen, an over-sized bathtub, a McDonald’s, and a tarmac. I once had a portable sauna and I thought I was living large. Then I found out a celebrity had a full-sized sauna in their backyard, right next to their infinity pool. That’s when all my hopes and dreams were shattered.

These rich people have different rules when it comes to lifestyle. They have their own checklists before buying a new home. They don’t give a damn about your special guest room for when your parents come over for a weekend visit. Why? Because their guests get their own houses. That’s right, houses. Not rooms. And that guest house? It has its own pool. And your little doggy house in the backyard? Please, their dogs have their own condo and maids! So either step your game up, or befriend one of these celebrities to have a taste of being rich.

Think a walk-in closet and a soaker jet tub are the epitome of luxury? Think again! Today’s luxury estate buyers are more demanding than ever. Find out what 10 must have items are in hot demand for the opulent home buyer of today.

#10 – Custom Walk-In Closets

Dressing-RoomWhat’s the point of being the man or woman that has EVERYTHING if you have no place to put it? If you’re going to make your over the top purchases for clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry, you need a place to display it all. Nowadays luxury home buyers prefer to have separate rooms to put their pride and joy purchases on display, with walls lined with mirrors and excellent lighting to admire themselves at every angle.

These aren’t just any walk-in closets like the ones you might pay an extra $10 per month for in an apartment. These are the types of walk-in closets that makes studio apartments look like regular walk-in closets. The bigger the better, especially if it’s big enough for someone to set up camp in for a few days. We just hope it never actually comes to that if you do have a big walk-in closet.

#9 – Luxurious Master Bedroom

Bedroom-Fit-for-a-King-and-Queen-2With tablets and mobile computing becoming increasingly prevalent, more and more people are spending more time in their bedrooms. Why should luxury stop at your bedroom? There’s no reason your personal sanctuary can’t rival, or even top, the best hotels in the world. Make every day of your life a vacation!

The average person spends eight hours a day in their room for sleeping, so kicking up the master bedroom a notch is key. If someone is going to spend ? of the rest of their life in this room, you might as well make it a knockout. You should have a space big enough for a king size bed or bigger. If Shaquille O’Neal thinks it would be comfortable, it should be big enough for you.

#8 – Extravagant Personal Home Gym

Excerise-Room-2Rich people don’t like to sweat in front of everyone in their custom fitted Louis Vuitton tracksuits, oh no! Joining a gym, paying for a membership every month, driving to the gym, changing in the locker room in front of other dudes, working out in front of everybody — it’s all a hassle.

Modern luxury homes almost always include a private fitness area including all of the equipment you could possibly need to keep your body in top shape, from weight lifting equipment, to cardio, and even an indoor pool and sauna if you want to take it up another level. Plus, who wouldn’t want to put in their own basketball court if they have the room for it?

#7 – Personal Spa Bathroom

Spa-Bathroom-2Why should you go to a hotel for these amenities? Bring the hotel home with you so you can live in luxury! Spa bathrooms are now a MUST for the opulent home buyer. Complete with everything you’d expect, ranging from; huge showers with room for two (or more), water jets aimed at every square inch of your body, heated flooring, and of course towel warmers so you never have to dry your bits with something so archaic as a room temperature towel!

There has been a lot of extensive research (for some reason) that has found that people spend 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom. If you have a bathroom that makes people want to stay 1.5 years in a row without leaving, then you know you’ve really accomplished something. Seriously though, where is the money coming from for that kind of bathroom?

#6 – Home Theatre & Game Room

Game-and-Theatre-Rooms-2State of the art movie theaters are becoming more and more prevalent in multi-million dollar homes, including personal IMAX movie theater installations that can run over 7 figures! If you don’t feel like leaving home to watch the newest Hollywood blockbuster, you can even buy an official device costing tens of thousands of dollars that will allow you to do just that.

It’s not just the theater that’s important, more and more homebuyers are looking for a sports bar setup, with liquor dispensers and beer on tap for the bar experience, without the rowdy middle class in the way.

#5 – Ideal Location

Location-2Location, location, location! You can’t beat it! You want to make sure you live in the best neighborhood, with the best ZIP code, it can make it or break it for you! Think about it, if you live in 90210 your home is instantly worth a million more than the homes just outside of the boundary. Today’s wealthy buyers also require an element of privacy, whether that means a gated community, acres of land between you and your nearest neighbor, or a private beachfront.

It doesn’t even have to be in a warm location. It doesn’t even have to be in a warm location. If you are situated at the bottom of a five star ski resort in the middle of Montana, you’ve got a prime piece of real estate But does anybody really want to live in Montana?

#4 – Pools & Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor-Kitchens-and-Pools-2Cooking indoors just seems like something that should be reserved for your butler. Why bother sweating it up in the kitchen! Outdoor living space is becoming just as important as indoor space, and todays new multi-million dollar properties should all include expansive outdoor areas, and kitchens. You’ll want a built-in grill, sink, fridge, and maybe even your favorite beer on tap. Then, take a dip in your beautiful pool to cool off after a big meal.

Another bonus is having an outdoor hot tub, but not one of those cheap ones that anybody can get for their back porch. We’re talking about the ones that are built in-ground and often connect to the pool itself. Even more of a bonus is if you can have the grill built into the hot tub, if that’s possible or at all safe.

#3 – State-of-the-Art Modern Kitchen

Fully-Stocked-Kitchen-2Restaurant style kitchens are becoming more and more popular in the world’s most expensive houses. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating a frozen pizza or a 12 course meal in there, it just has to look like it’s capable of the latter.

Sure, you may actually eat out more often than in, or have a nanny cooking most of your meals, but it’s the idea of having a beautiful chef inspired kitchen that is ever so appealing! Keep your appliances commercial-grade, with all of the amenities you could ever need.

#2 – The Latest Technology

Technology-2Keeping up with technology can be a struggle, and it sure is expensive. But hey, you’re buying a multi-million dollar home so it better have the best of everything. Nowadays you should expect to be able to control your entire home from your iPhone. Lock or open your doors, turn on your air conditioning, dim your mood lights, and even watch your security cameras all without having to lift more than a single finger.

Sure, there may come a time when technology turns against humans and the house could turn into a death trap, but according to the “Terminator” movies, we’re still a long way from that happening. Just make sure there’s a killswitch in the house somewhere, you can never be too safe with new technology.

#1 – An Open, Flowing Floor Plan

CharacterEveryone seems to have their own ideas about what constitutes an “open” floor plan exactly, but it’s the buzzword that everybody wants. Based on a survey of realtor’s across the United States, an “open, airy floor plan” was viewed as the most important aspect that potential luxury home buyers were looking for. So go on, start knocking down some walls!

That’s not just the basis of a good looking house, but it’s a design that has been implemented into restaurants as well. It has a more inviting look when you can see what someone else is doing. Some say it gets rid of any privacy, but those people don’t know how real estate works these days.