No Fair! 15 Celebrity Cribs That Will Make You Oh So Jelly!


It’s no coincidence that one of the 7 dead sins is “envy;” wanting what another person has is likely to leave you dissatisfied and unhappy. Even so, we often catch ourselves checking out how the other side lives: driving slowly through some of the richest neighborhoods in town, simply to admire the homes that we might never be able to afford; these are the types of homes that are so nice, that they come complete with six car garages and still don’t have room for the three year old Ferrari on the curb.

Alright, so maybe it’s not that easy to get into neighborhoods that nice (I’ve tried, those stinkin’ gates are too tall), but thanks to the power of the internet it’s easier than ever to check out the crazy cool pads owned by the richest few. Celebrities live in some of the most expensive houses in the world, but the most expensive house is owned by a man you’ve probably never heard of.

Which celeb houses are guaranteed to grab your attention, and how much do these modern marvels cost? Here are the top 15 celebrity cribs that will turn you green with envy. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to pack your bags and move to Hollywood in the hope of being the next name on this list.

#15 – Miley Cyrus ($3.9 Million)

Miley-CyrusPop Icon Miley Cyrus could have been content with just spending some of her father’s money to buy herself a home, but decided to enter into the music business herself so that she could really turn up the heat. Miley has had so much success in the pop music scene that she’s worth an incredible $165 million. She bought this sweet crib for just $3.9 million. Her pad is located in Studio City, California, and looks like a modern decked out version of the “Brady Bunch” house (I bet she there).

#14 – Taylor Swift ($3.975 Million)

Taylor-SwiftAlthough she is only a few years removed from being one of the biggest names in music, and is currently enjoying her west coast life as a pop singer, Taylor Swift still has some of her roots showing in this Beverly Hills home. At only 25 years old, Swift is worth a staggering $200 million, but she got a real bargain on this quaint home: spending just under $4 million. It’s easy to shake off the haters when you’re living in a sweet place like this.

#13 – Leonardo DiCaprio ($4 Million)

Leonardo-DiCaprioWe now turn our attention to the humongous home that belongs to someone once believed to be dating Rihanna, hit Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio may not have an Oscar to his name, but he does have one of the nicest homes in all of Los Angeles, California. Complete with an entire recreation area, and a garage big enough for all of the cars in the state, he actually got a major discount on the property and spent only $4 million; the real Jordan Belfort might have rubbed off on him a little bit, because that’s one heck of an investment.

#12 – Matthew McConaughey ($4 Million)

Matthew-McConaugheyIt’s nice to finally get away from California for a while, and thankfully the home of the Oscar winning actor and former “Sexiest Man Alive” winner, Matthew McConaughey, is here to break the trend. McConaughey still lives in his home state of Texas, where he has a $4 million pad in the capital of Austin; it’s insane how much more house you can get for $4 million in Texas compared to the west coast, which means McConaughey got a heck of a deal on this massive property: all right all right all right, Mr. McConaughey.

#11 – Reese Witherspoon ($7.25 Million)

Reese-WitherspoonDuring the early 2000s, Reese Witherspoon easily qualified as ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ and was starring in films such as “Sweet Home Alabama,” and “Legally Blonde.” Witherspoon currently lives on the west coast in the town of Ojai, California, where she owns this old style home that was recently valued at $7.25 million. If they ever need to film a movie where she plays the role of a Mexican drug lord, this house might fit the bill: something about it just screams Little Havana.

#10 – Justin Timberlake ($7.6 Million)

Justin-TimberlakeIt’s hard to believe that it took this long on the list to actually find a home that’s located in New York City; this awesome condo belongs to the former “N*SYNC” member and current solo pop sensation , Justin Timberlake. Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, stay in this $7.6 million condo in the Big Apple whenever they aren’t being dragged away for work, and this massive home offers a ton of amenities and a perfect view of the city’s gorgeous skyline. Seeing such a gorgeous home is tearing up my heart I tell you, but Timberlake has certainly earned it with his massive talents.

#9 – Judd Apatow & Leslie Mann ($10.8 Million)

Judd-Apatow-Leslie-MannThere’s nothing quite like traveling along the west coast and living on the coastline; you’ll have to travel all the way to Malibu, California, to find the beautiful view of this home, which belongs to director/producer Judd Apatow and his wife (actress Leslie Mann). Apatow and Mann were pretty obscure during the 1990s, but have recently hit it big during the last decade: making themselves millionaires in the process; this Malibu home on the coast of the Pacific Ocean cost them nearly $11 million, but it’s pretty much the perfect family home to shoot the sequel to “Knocked Up.”

#8 – Rihanna ($12 Million)

RihannaWhen you’re one of the biggest stars in music, you don’t really need to look at the price tags when it comes to buying a house: you just find what you want, and you grab it! At least that’s what Rihanna did when she selected this home in the Pacific Palisades, California, ponying up a whopping $12 million for the luxury of living the good life. Rihanna is currently worth an estimated $140 million, meaning that this luxurious mansion was just a drop in the bucket for her; she came out with the hit song “Where Have You Been,” but after looking at her home I think it’s pretty obvious where all the time is spent.

#7 – Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis ($12 Million)

Ashton-Kutcher-Mila-KunisEver since the debut of “That ‘70s Show,” a lot of us were secretly rooting for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis to end up as a real life couple; now that the two have finally gotten together and tied the knot, they needed a fancy home to live in to celebrate their marriage. The A-list couple decided that the most fitting place to buy home large enough for both sides of the family was the Hollywood Hills, and this $12 million home was their ultimate landing spot; Ashton and Mila will need all of that room with a new child in their lives: it’s funny how much something as simple as co-starring on a show together can cause such a massive “butterfly effect.”

#6 – Conan O’Brien ($20 Million)

Conan-O-BrienAlthough NBC and Conan O’Brien have cut ties with one another after O’Brien was kicked off of “The Tonight Show,” TBS was willing to pay the redheaded funny man a ton of money to host his own show instead; Conan’s contract allowed him to move out to California, and enjoy the sunny weather of the Pacific Palisades, where he and his family live in this luxurious $20 million home. Conan’s house isn’t even finished yet, but I’d be happy enough living in small fraction of the house he has: my place resembles the broom closet Harry Potter stayed in!

#5 – Matt Damon ($20 Million)

Matt-DamonHow would you like to have your own swimming pool sitting on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean? All you have to do is star in a ton of successful Blockbuster films, head down to Miami, Florida, and pony up a hefty $20 million! It’s that simple, folks! Damon lived in this mansion for a while on South Beach, which came with all of the bells and whistles that you would expect from a megastar living in Florida, but he ended up putting it up for sale. It’s hard to understand why Damon would ever want to part with a home like this when it was practically Elysium, but maybe it was the construction next door.

#4 – Tom Brady ($20 Million)

Tom-BradySome people just seem to have all of the luck, don’t they? Despite the fact that Tom Brady wasn’t supposed to be anything special as an NFL player, he wound up winning four Super Bowls, marrying a supermodel, and making millions in the process. Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, spend a majority of their time in California (Brady’s home state) during the offseason, so what better way to relax during the time off than to buy a $20 million mega mansion with a heck of a view? Do you really need a house that big, what are you running passing drills indoors?

#3 – Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux ($22 Million)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-TherouxIf you ever had a doubt in your mind about whether or not Jennifer Aniston was an A-list actress, all you have to do is look at her house to set the record straight; her and husband, Justin Theroux, bought this $22 million dollar estate in the swanky town of Bel-Air, California, and you can imagine that they are pretty happy about it.. Jennifer’s house looks like something out of a gold course for the super elite, and while she hasn’t been in any big hits recently it isn’t difficult to make new friends when you’re staying in a place like this. .

#2 – Jerry Seinfeld ($32 Million)

Jerry-SeinfeldWhat’s the deal with mansions? Jerry Seinfeld could sit at home all day and do absolutely nothing, but he would still make millions each year thanks to his sitcom’s royalties which haS been off the air for more than a decade. Seinfeld is one of the richest actors in the entire world. He could live anywhere he wants, but chooses to call the Hamptons his home. He lives in this private and massive mansion that cost him a staggering $32 million. Just to make his purchase a little more luxurious, Seinfeld actually bought this home from the singing superstar, Billy Joel, and it has plenty of room to drive his multiple cars around. If I knew all I had to do to wind up with a house like Jerry Seinfeld’s was to work as a struggling comedian and hang around with a bunch of losers for 9 seasons, then I certainly wouldn’t be sticking with my day job.

#1 – Will Smith ($42 Million)

Will-SmithImagine being the guy responsible for bringing in some of the biggest box office numbers in the whole of movie history; the cash that you would bank would give you the money to buy pretty much any house you wanted. Will Smith didn’t go cheap when purchasing his home in Calabasas, California, as he and Jada Pinkett Smith spent a massive $42 million on this complex, which looks like it could rival the size of some of the country’s airports. I don’t think Will Smith is still in “The Pursuit of Happiness” after landing as fancy a house as this one.