While Jordan Belfort’s biography is a very controversial topic, this article will steer clear from that debate, and focus solely on his legitimate strategies, and world views. Jordan Belfort, a man of many talents and skills, is famous for his uncannily positive take on building success for himself (and others). Virtually all of Belfort’s strategies for success in business and finance are grounded in good mindsets, positive outlooks, clean appearance, and tenacity at its finest. The simplicity, yet overwhelming sensibility, of his advice on all fronts can easily make one wonder: “Why aren’t we all doing it, too?”

A lot of people like to hammer on about ‘setting goals’ and ‘making accomplishments’, but they almost always leave out one very important part of going forward – having a vision. Jordan Belfort believes that a vision is almost as important, if not more so, than all the goals in the world.


If your goals are the milestones to success, your vision is the active change that those goals effectuate on the world within which you live. Goals are important to know where you’re going, but a vision will let you paint a picture of why you want to get there so badly. Feed your brain’s hunger for better things by always visualizing the effects of your eventual success.

If your goal is to make $100,000 this year, then a vision might be a new home for you and your family. If the goal is the new home itself, then the vision would be the impact that will have on the livelihood of you and your family. In essence, you need to think bigger to achieve the greatness you ache for.

Jordan Belfort Speaks At The Gold Coast Convention Centre

It’s easy to dream about how you want your life to look, or talk about what you’re going to do to get to that picture perfect finish. The problem here is the fact that you’re not doing actually anything, but blowing smoke. Nobody wants to hear about what you will be doing because they’re more interested in what you’re doing right now.

This is where the wolf comes in – Belfort’s business strategies center around getting things done. If you want to do something to impact your situation positively, then you should actively work on your goals and make your way toward the finish line. While it’s important to reach for the stars, you want to make sure that you have achievable goals that allow you to keep pulling yourself closer to outer space. Never stop doing, because every positive action you take is a step (no matter how small) in the direction you want to go.


Results are what matter, people don’t usually care about the technique for creating them. In reality, as long as you can get the job done, the way you do it doesn’t mean much, within reason, but we’ll leave this debate for another time. For now, it’s important to stress that bandwagon mindsets only breed more of the same. This can make us feel inadequate, since – in essence – we’re just copying someone else. Originality is just subjective, what you do with it is the objective, and you shouldn’t be shy about utilizing everything you’ve got.

‘Original’ is a great way to describe Jordan Belfort and his methods. That being said, don’t be afraid to invent your means, and develop your own methods. Never stop the train, and always stay on top. As long as you’re producing a winning streak, everyone involved is content to just smile and applaud. That’s because when all is said and done, you still finished the job, regardless of the ‘how’ involved.


People will look at you before they listen to you, and what they perceive, the critical first impression, will greatly determine their attitude towards you and your dealings. From the moment you walk into a room, the way you hold yourself, and the way you appear, will be a big teller in whether or not anyone wants anything to do with you. Knowing what you’re doing is only part of the equation to a successful business deal; looking like you know what you’re doing matters almost as much.

Fitting yourself out with a sharp look, and then wearing it like a wolf, will be one of the best investments you ever make. When Belfort steps into someone’s line of sight, they know that this guy means business, and in a big way. Don’t forget that a lot of people won’t even get to talk to you before they get to see you. Your image is a big deal, because that’s going to be your voice in almost any contact you have where you’re not actually there to meet the person head on, and they’re filing away opinions you can’t even defend yourself against. Looking like a hack, even if you are one, is never going to do anything good for you. Look like a pro, instead, even if you aren’t one.


Failure is hard to overcome, but an easy way to rule that sucker down is to remember that failure is just a lesson you should be learning, not mourning. Don’t take failure as a quitting point, but instead as an insight into what you could be doing better. When Jordan Belfort stepped onto the business road selling meat door to door, he failed miserably. And yet, he went on to be a supernova in the worlds of business and finance. Why? Because he decided that failure was just another way to succeed.

If Plan A fails, use it to make Plan B a whole lot better. Learn from mistakes, teach yourself how to never break it that way, at that front, ever again. Regroup and revise your strategies in both success and failure, and you’ll find silver linings and gems of empowerment in places you never thought possible. Instead of throwing something away, it might be better to improve that something so that it functions more like you would expect. One of the greatest teachers for you, is you, and when you’re teaching yourself how to do something new, your failures will play a big hand in your growth.


The Wolf of Wall Street didn’t become a Wolf by acting like a sheep… or cattle. For Jordan Belfort, being a Wolf meant chasing his targets, stalking for opportunities, and pouncing on anything that landed within reach. In a world of money and more money, a little greed never hurt anyone.

Don’t be afraid take what is yours, guard it with all you’re worth, and then take some of what doesn’t belong to you. ‘Stealing’ is a moot term in the dog-eat-dog cycle of the world, and capitalizing on everything that steps in your path should be business as usual. Remember that nothing good will just come to you; you’ve got to chase it down and take it for all it’s worth.


You could follow every one of these bits of advice, and then every other tip, trick, and strategy you come across, yet still fail spectacularly if you lack the one golden trait: confidence. Persistence and tenacity mean more than anything, because you need to be confident enough in yourself and what you’re selling to go that extra step, and then pound the pavement until you’ve closed the deal. You must be able to sell yourself before you can sell anything else, and nobody will buy into what you’re offering if they can’t even believe in the person they’re buying from.

Jordan Belfort oozes confidence, which is one of the main reasons he has come as far as he has. Tackling a challenge in business will always have a better outcome if you spearhead your plan of attack with confident undertones. Don’t doubt as much as possible, and always have a sure edge in your swing when you’re aiming for the horizon.