Ryan Seacrest Net Worth


If you’ve watched even the slightest amount of television in the last decade (or turned on a radio), then you probably already know who Ryan Seacrest is. Although he’s done a fair bit of work in the industry, he’s best known for hosting the popular talent competition show, American Idol. Many of his other fans will recognize him as a radio personality and producer. Seacrest has been active since 1990, and over the course of his career he’s earned countless awards and a whole lot of cash. Today, most estimates peg his net worth somewhere around the $350 million mark.

Like most successful people in their craft, Seacrest had a passion for radio since an early age. His mother says that instead of playing with action figures, little Ryan would set up pretend microphones all over the house and “put on shows.”

His radio career started incredibly early, too. When he was just 16 years old (and still in high school), Ryan won an internship to an Atlanta based radio station. During his internship, Seacrest learned the basics of broadcasting and started to get more comfortable around a microphone. Although the internship didn’t include any air time, the producer ended up putting him on the show when one of the other team members called in sick.

Since then, Seacrest knew that he had a true passion for radio. Upon graduating from highschool, he went on to study journalism at the University of Georgia. He lasted a little more than a year before dropping out and moving to Hollywood to pursue his dream.

About a year after his risky relocation, 20-year-old Ryan Seacrest managed to score his first major gig as a host of ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge. This gig set off the chain reaction of dominos that shaped the entirety of his lengthy career.

After numerous radio gigs, Seacrest turned to television, making his debut appearance as the co-host of American Idol. The series went on to be a huge success, and Seacrest quickly ended up in the middle of the national spotlight. From there on out, he remained in the limelight, continuing to captivate his worldwide audience.


Between radio, film, and television – Seacrest has had quite a bit of financial success. Today, the 41-year-old is worth more than $350 million, and that figure continues to grow.

In the meantime, Seacrest is living out his days on a beautiful three acre compound. The 9,200 square foot estate reportedly cost the entertainer a cool $49 million. The main building on the property boasts 9 bedrooms and tons of living space. Also within the compound you can find two guesthouses and a separate three-bedroom house. Fun fact – before Seacrest purchased the lavish Beverly Hills property, it used to belong to Ellen DeGeneres.

Unlike many of his peers (at least those with net worths of $100 million plus) Seacrest doesn’t feel the need to own a dozen cars. In his garage you’ll find a fairly modest, yet tasteful, automobile collection. He’s often spotted cruising around in either a Bentley or a stunning Aston Martin DB9. He also has a matte black Range Rover and a Mercedes S-Class.

Although he’s done quite well for himself, Seacrest is far from greedy. In fact, the radio host publically supports nearly two dozen charities, including the Red Cross, LA’s Promise, Feeding America, Stand Up To Cancer, and many others.

Aside from donating thousands of dollars to charity, he’s even started a nonprofit of his own. In 2010, he launched the Ryan Seacrest Foundation – an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for seriously ill or injured children. It’s probably fair to say that the television personality is definitely doing his part.