Suggested Post – 12 Celebs Who Come From Rich & Famous Families


Many celebrities come from rich and famous families. There are a handful of stars that boast about their backgrounds, but most do their best to hide their family ties. To make their own mark and to set themselves apart from their famous family member(s), these celebrities have taken careful measures to conceal their lineage. Most of these stars refuse to publicly acknowledge their family ties, and some have taken their desire for anonymity to the extreme by legally changing their last name.

Which stars have been successful in hiding their rich and famous roots? We’ve found 12 celebrities that had a net worth in the millions before they were even born. Who made our list? We’ve got everyone from A-list celebrities (who have had very successful careers) to D-list celebrities (who haven’t made it into the big time, although their net worths suggest otherwise.)

We’ll start with an actor that you might recognize, but you probably don’t know his name (until now, that is.)

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