Suggested Post – 16 Most Expensive Divorce Settlements Ever


Not having a prenuptial agreement can really come back to bite you if you’re rich. Over the years, rich people have had millions taken away from them when a spouse wanted out of a marriage. There have been songs and movies written about gold diggers, but they don’t even begin to scratch the surface on how much money is really involved.

Imagine if you were getting a divorce and your net worth was only $20,000. Split that money in half, and you and your former spouse will both be struggling to get by. When you are worth over $1 billion, though, that means that you can still lose half of your money in a divorce settlement and both of you will still be able to live the high life. It doesn’t quite seem fair, but hey, what can you do?

Many rich couples have decided to call it quits over the years, but there are some that stick out much more than others in terms of the money that was split apart. So which notable names have been taken for the highest amount when their spouse decided to call it quits? Here are the 16 most expensive divorces settlements ever.

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