Suggested Post – The 10 Wealthiest Women Around The World


When it comes to women with money, rightly or wrongly, people tend to assume they either come from money, or married in to it. On this list there are definitely women who received a huge head start in life by being born to the right (extremely rich!) parents, but that doesn’t mean they are spoiled airheads! Not every heiress acts like Paris Hilton, these women earned their “richest women” title by working hard with what they had, and making it grow in to even more. Sure, they may be billionaire babies, but they’re the rare form of rich kid who decided to be disciplined and work hard, rather than post the spoils of their wealth on Instagram all day.

You may not have heard of some of them, but trust me, they’re powerful! Heck, a couple of them are more powerful than the leaders of their country… because their bank accounts can actually buy them their own country! Beyoncé who? She may be a billion dollar brand making $100 million a year, but her bank account is still not big as these women’s. Here’s ten of the richest women in the world that proves that females can play better than the big boys sitting on top of the ladder… because you know that they’d just kick them off that ladder with their killer Louboutins.

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