The Single Most Expensive Thing in the World


Whenever you get some extra money into your bank account, you might get the urge to spend that bonus dough right away. You start thinking of the most expensive thing you could possibly buy and still have all of your normal money leftover. Typically, you might settle for a really nice meal, a night out at the movies, or even making a bigger dent into your debt.

There are a lot of expensive things that will never be within the reach of the average person, but it’s always fun to think about what life would be like if you could afford them. If you had one of the largest bank accounts in the world, what exactly could you spend all of that money on? Perhaps you would splurge and throw your money at the world’s most expensive item, but what is it?

Some of the most expensive things are intangible, such as control of the biggest companies in the world, so we didn’t want to focus on that. We wanted to show the most expensive item that you can take home and physically look at whenever you want. Now, it’s not a car (or even a home) that’s the most expensive thing in the world. As a matter of fact, we already covered those and the most expensive car is north of $4 million and the most expensive house is $2 billion.

The most expensive single item that you can buy is the History Supreme, a $4.5 billion yacht that was designed by Stuart Hughes of the United Kingdom. The History Supreme is nearly 100 feet long, and is covered in more than 200,000 pounds worth of gold and platinum paint on more than half of the yacht’s surface.


In case you wanted to see actual solid gold, you’re in luck, as the base of both the well and deck are made of solid gold, as are the dining areas, rails and even the anchor. If platinum is more of your thing, then you just have to go to your bedroom since it’s covered in platinum. Also in the master bedroom is a wall that has a built in aquarium made out of 24 carat gold and stone from an actual meteor.

There are plenty of possessions on board that boost the value of the yacht, including a statue that is made from the bone of an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex bone and a liquor bottle that contains an 18.5 carat diamond, which is one of the rarest gems in the entire world. The History Supreme took three years to complete in terms of just decoration, so you can count labor into the cost as well.

It’s amazing to see how the History Supreme stacks up to other yachts, as well, with one of the world’s most expensive being the Eclipse that belongs to Roman Abramovich. The Eclipse is only 10 percent of the cost of the History Supreme, and it even has its own missile system and a submarine!

But who was the person that ponied up the staggering price tag for the History Supreme? According to sources, it was made in Malaysia for a billionaire that wished to remain anonymous. If you wanted to buy one for your own, how much would it cost? Let’s say that you are lucky enough to be getting paid $20 per hour. It would take you 225 million hours with no taxes to afford it, which equates to 5,625,000 working weeks or a total of 108,173 years. That’s a lot of lifetimes worth of saving just to take a spin on a fancy boat!