Top 10 Fanciest Supercar Interiors


Sure, your supercar is great for making an entrance. It might even come in handy if you need to outrun the “authorities” (not that we recommend this). But is it a nice place to be when you’re stuck in traffic?

Many high-end sports cars forego amenities like leather and noise-dampening insulation in the name of lightness, or to deliver a more authentic experience. The most hard-core track specials out there even sacrifice their sound systems and air conditioning. The result can make even a grocery run feel like a chore. Road trip? Don’t try it.

There are, however, alternatives to this approach. For one, you could put in a new custom dashboard to spice things up. Anybody can do this on any car for a great look. These next cars though, come with some serious good looks that are standard. Each of these outrageous rides features a bespoke interior that makes a long journey something you’d look forward to. If you can afford to spend sums on your mode of personal transport that would also purchase a house, it makes sense to own a car with features on par with the villa or chateau where you park it.

#10 – Porsche 911 Turbo S

The 911 Turbo is the automotive embodiment of Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. Since its introduction in 1975, the Turbo has evolved from hairy-chested widow-maker into practical GT car with an options list that’s become the stuff of legend.

Sure, you could order a (ahem) “stripper” with no options, but you’d have to suffer through life without such amenities as natural leather, 18-way power adjustable sport seats with memory or the absolute must-have painted air vent slats (the slats, not the vents themselves — they’re $1720). Check all the boxes and you’ll have added a cool 50 grand to the bottom line, but your vents will look fabulous. This car has the speed to back up the looks too. It gets a blistering 580 horsepower. If you have a good $188k to spend even before the add-ons, this car is for you. Just make sure you have somebody to ride along with you so they can appreciate the interior.

#9 – Jaguar C-X75

As the spiritual successor to Jaguar’s 90’s hypercar, the XJ220, the C-X75 sadly never saw full production. It’s a shame, because it was going to be a pretty epic car. However, Jaguar did complete a small number of running examples that were cool enough to earn a spot as the bad-guy car in a James Bond film. Not too shabby.

A stunning sculpted interior features scissor doors, Alcantara trim and leather sport seats that are molded into the car’s carbon fiber bulkhead. A driver-first design locates the fully digital gauge cluster, which displays everything from speed and engine RPMs to fluid levels and temperatures, front-and-center. Topping it off is a sound system from Bowers & Wilkins comprised of 120 miniature speakers. That’s not a typo, and that’s not an extra zero. One hundred and twenty. Beat that, Best Buy. However, you could probably have several go out without even noticing.

#8 – Aston Martin One-77

700+ horsepower, drop-dead looks and a price tag of $1.4 million make the One-77 a certifiable supercar. If you’re paying over a million dollars for a car, it better have a world class interior. Thankfully, this one does. Keeping with Aston tradition, the car’s interior oozes style and class. AM might have the industries coolest accessory in their starting mechanism, which involves a solid crystal “fob” that’s inserted directly into the car’s center console and depressed to bring all 7.3 liters of glorious hand-built V12 to life.

The glass theme is carried through to the car’s switchgear, and the central-mounted infotainment system features touch-sensitive Apple haptic feedback. This is one of the better touchscreen systems in cars, too, and response quickly and easily to your commands. Of the 77 examples in existence, no two are exactly alike, but you can bet the highly contoured interior, with quilted leather variations, will make you feel special.

#7 – Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept

You didn’t think we’d make it through this list without a mention of the crew from Crewe, did you? The EXP 10 Speed 6 concept is Bentley’s hypothetical answer to the Porsche 911, and it doesn’t skimp on luxury. Why would it? If you’re driving a Bentley, your car already screams luxury, so the interior needs to match the price tag and outer looks. This car is a stunner both inside and out.

Quilted Poltrona Frau leather lines the seats and dash, while the door panels are hewn (by hand, of course) from a single solid piece of Cherry wood and then finished with copper accents that give the appearance of studio backlighting. The milled metal switchgear and shifter finish things off for an appearance that is simultaneously vintage and steampunk modern. The best thing about this concept, though, is that Bentley says it’s highly likely to see full production.

#6 – Koenigsegg Regera

Christian Von Koenigsegg has a name like a superhero, and the cars to match. They are almost always listed in the number one or number two spots on lists of the fastest cars ever, and they’re always trying to be even faster. Their most recent effort takes 1,500 horsepower (that’s 3x more than the 911) and transfers it into a top speed of 248mph. Since launching Koenigsegg cars in 1996, the company has grown to offer a multi-car product line to which the Regera is the latest addition. Scissor doors open to a lavish cabin design that’s a departure from the somewhat Spartan appointments seen in other Koenigsegg cars.

You can enjoy some tunes at 200+ mph with the help of Apple Carplay. Because of the Regera’s unique single-speed transmission, the clean leather-and-carbon trimmed dash and center console are unblemished by a shifter save for the “park” and “drive” buttons.

Interested? Koenigsegg is only making 80 examples and they cost $1.8 million apiece. Exclusivity, check.

#5 – Spania GTA Spano

Spain is home to some of the world’s great design and architecture, so what would a Spanish supercar look like? Well, this.

Spania conceived this 230mph hypercar in collaboration with Graphenano, a top producer of the next-generation material graphene. Graphene is sort of like next-level carbon fiber. As a result, the material is not only featured in the car’s construction, but in its bodywork and interior. The seats, for example, feature graphene woven into the intricate leather upholstery. The gold-trimmed interior option might be a tad audacious for some, but either way, is certain to get a reaction out of your dinner date.

Think the GTA Spano looks familiar? You may regonnize it from the 2014 movie Need for Speed. While the movie may not have been a major hit, the car sure is. You can own one for just $790,477, and get a car that will turn heads from the outside and the inside.

#4 – Lykan Hypersport

When you’re the leader of a hard-charging group of rough-necked but well-intentioned car thieves and it’s time for an upgrade from your 70’s classic, only the best will do. Hailed as Arabia’s first supercar, the Lebanese-built Hypersport was conceived as a toy for the super-rich of the middle-east before it graced the silver screen in the hands of one Dominic Toretto.

“The Fast and the Furious” franchise character probably enjoyed the upgrade in technology, since the car’s interior features what might be the world’s first holographic display with interactive motion technology. That means hand signals can control your accessories. Currently, just seven of these are on the planet. One is owned by the Abu Dhabi police force. Do enough jaywalking and you might just get a free ride! If you want one for yourself, you might want to reconsider. The price is an outrageous $3.4 million, making it the third most expensive car of all time.

#3 – Pagani Huayra

If Ferrari and Lamborghini are too old-hat, Horatio Pagani has a proposition for you. Pagani’s bespoke hypercars are the modern-day standard-bearers of the lunacy that still emanates from old-school Italian specials like the Countache. Unlike the Countache, however, each Huayra features thoroughly modern, exceptionally-crafted interiors. Each Huayra (said WHY-ra) is marked as “1-of-1” because Pagani will make their best attempt to accommodate just about whatever customization you can think of.

Aggressive is a good word to define the carbon, leather and metal interior, but it’s also a work of art thanks to a gauge cluster reminiscent of a TAG watch, perfect ergonomics, vents shaped to look like jet exhausts and the fully exposed milled metal shift linkage. There’s even a special compartment for your matched luggage, so as not to disrupt this 730 horsepower beast’s aerodynamics. This one will only set you back $1,314,000, so you could get two of them instead of a Lykan Hypersport.

#2 – Spyker C8 Preliator

Ah Spyker, the Aviation-obsessed Dutch carmaker who’s wares Jeremy Clarkson once compared to “smoking jackets”, have given us their latest homage to the unrelenting pursuit of style in the C8 Preliator. Spyker coined the phrase “road jet”, and indeed the opulent interior you’ll find aboard the C8 evokes thoughts of jet-like price tags.

Glass lighting comes alive in greens and yellows that are unmatched throughout the industry. Switchgear is composed largely of toggles akin to those found on a vintage fighter plane, and are said to cost $50-apiece to Spyker (but they deliver one heck of a satisfying click). Centerpiece in this automotive tour de force is the car’s exposed six-speed transmission linkage. Whether you’re on highway one or the highway to the danger zone, the C8 will get you there in style. At $354,900, this is one of the least expensive cars on our list. You wouldn’t know it by the fancy interior.

#1 – Bugatti Chiron

After a long slumber, Bugatti burst back onto the automotive scene in 2000 with the world-beating Veyron 16.4. As the second act in Bugatti’s renaissance movement, the Chiron has big shoes to fill — which it does in a way only a 1500 horsepower, 4400lb land-yacht can. Before we get to the inside, check out the beauty of the outside, and all of the awesome color combinations you can choose from.

The exquisitely sculpted leather and carbon cockpit is everything you’d expect from Bugatti and then some. The gauge cluster is made from a single piece of milled aluminum, and Bugatti claims the backlit spine that separates driver and passenger is the longest light conductor in the Automotive industry.

Fancy a tune? The audio system, by Accuton, can be tuned to vibe with 31 different leather choices or 8 types of alcantara (don’t you hate when your speakers are tuned to the wrong kind of cow?), and features four, one-carat diamond membrane tweeters. Diamond. Membrane. Tweeters.

Fancy interiors clearly compliment the latest generation of fancy supercars with exclusivity, material customization and design. Need we say more?