Top 10 Wrestling Salaries


#2 – John Cena ($2.75 million/year)

John-CenaYou can’t think of wrestling these days without thinking of John Cena. Ever since 2005, Cena has practically been the face of the WWE, winning all sorts of high stakes matches left and right. Cena has won nearly two dozen titles during his time as a professional wrestler, and is one of the most polarizing wrestlers to ever emerge. You may remember some of Cena’s acting ventures that include titles like “The Marine,” and “12 Rounds,” But we’re probably being a little optimistic with that.

John Cena is far and away the highest paid full-time wrestler today, and has a massive net worth. Cena frequently makes public appearances for the WWE, and is consistently the highest selling wrestler in terms of merchandise. Cena receives seven percent of the money that is spent on his merchandise, and he also receives a portion of the revenue that comes from pay per view sales, as well as WWE Network subscriptions. Since Cena gets paid every time the WWE does, so he is always looking for an excuse to hop into the ring