The World’s Top 10 Richest Supermodels


The job of a model seems pretty easy, right? You just stand in front of a camera and pose for people to take your photograph. It’s a good gig that pays well. However, only the best models in the world can become millionaires in the industry.

For years, models have been the subject of desire as well as the root of much jealousy. Everyone wants to look like the models plastered on billboards but, the reality is, most never will.

It takes a lot of discipline to become a successful model. For nearly 40 years, there have been multiple modeling scams that promise young men and women fashion careers while taking their money and running. That’s not always the case, fortunately, which is why we were able to compile this list.

From fashion lines and commercials to television shows and more, there are 10 supermodels that stand out from the rest as the richest in the world. Which models made the cut? Here’s our Top 10.