Yikes! 10 Wrestling Stars That Went Broke


Unlike other professional sports, the outcomes of wrestling matches are already planned well in advance. Unfortunately just like other sports, wrestling has had its fair share of dying careers, and tragic stories that happen after wrestlers leave the industry. Between drug use (which includes everything from steroids to cocaine) and not having a secure backup plan, a lot of wrestlers have lost most of their money, and wound up flat broke!

After wrestling in a big time program like the WWE, the job options are a bit limited; most of professional wrestlers have been competing for most of their lives, so they don’t know much else, and have to settle for chump change at whatever independent shows they can book. While some of these broke wrestlers have only themselves to blame, it’s hard not to feel bad for most of these performers that put their bodies on the line for entertainment.
But which professional wrestlers have fallen the farthest since the end of their careers, and lost all of the fortune that they once had? Here are the top 10 wrestling stars that ended up going broke, and had to tap out!