When you think of a profession that can generate a person $5 million per year, you might think of a professional athlete, a successful entrepreneur, or even some of the most successful doctors and lawyers. However, thanks to the emergence of the internet, essentially anyone can make it big if they find the right niche! Yes, the internet has completely changed the landscape of what a “job”, or “work” is supposed to look like. Gone are the days of the 9 to 5 job, for the e-famous at least.

Perhaps the most extreme example of this is popular YouTube user, DC Toy Collector. She is reported to have made $4.9 million by posting videos to YouTube in 2014. Surely these were great intellectual videos of obviously high production value, you say? Nope, DC Toy Collector is known for opening boxes of Frozen princess toys, recording it with her iPhone (sometimes in vertical!). Just to clarify, her job requires her to unwrap plastic and cut through cardboard boxes. I know those clamshell packages can be difficult to open and are something millions of people struggle with, so in theory someone who has perfected such an in demand skill could be worth $5 million a year. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that her salary is higher than all of the workers making the toys in Taiwanese factories combined.

Just think back to birthdays as a kid. Would you have ever thought that opening your presents deserved a pay check? Unwrapping presents is probably easier than remembering to breathe while you’re asleep. With that in mind it might come as a surprise that someone can generate 400 million YouTube views per month, from her nearly 4 million subscribers. She regularly racks up over 1 million views per video, and her most viewed video (Sparkle Princess Elsa Play-Doh) has been seen nearly 200 million times! The world has progressed to such a state that we don’t even buy toys anymore, we just watch someone else do it.

Her videos are more straightforward than a how to blink handbook, but they seem to captivate audiences. She briefly explains each toy, and gives the viewer a 360-degree view of it. Perhaps the weird thing about this story (other than all of it) is that no one knows just who this moneymaker millionaire is. Except for Edward Snowden and the NSA, of course. With her perfectly manicured fingers, and soft slightly accented voice, the mysterious DC Toy Collector has managed to stay anonymous, not taking advantage of her amazing fame. So far, her hands and voice are the only proof that she is actually a real person. Admittedly so, if I made millions off of opening toys on YouTube, I’d probably hide my identity too.

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